Terrapin’s investors purchase preferred shares of Terrapin Mortgage Investment Corp. directly or via their registered accounts (RRSP, RRIF, TFSA). These funds are used to lend monies to real estate developers, investors, and owner-occupied business owners. Terrapin collects interest and finance fees from this portfolio of mortgages receivable and returns the net proceeds to investors either annually or quarterly depending on the investor’s preference.

Investors can decide whether they want to receive their income in cash or in additional shares of Terrapin to facilitate long-term growth and compounding. The vast majority of Terrapin’s shareholders historically have chosen to roll their investment over to benefit from the compounding of their annual return.

Class “A” Preferred Shares:
Investors looking to grow their investments by leaving funds in Terrapin, or those investors that do not require frequent distributions should consider investing in Terrapin’s Class “A” preferred shares. They will receive their distribution within 90 days of the Company’s February 28 year end based on their shareholdings at the end of the year. The income flows through to investors in the form of a dividend that is treated as interest for tax purposes in the hands of the investors if the investor is subject to tax e.g. for non-RRSP investments. Class “A” Preferred shares have a minimum investment amount of $25,000.

Class “B” Preferred Shares:
For those investors requiring regular cash flow throughout the year, they have the option of purchasing Class B Preferred Shares that pay partial dividends quarterly with the balance distributed within 90 days of the Terrapin’s February 28 fiscal year end. These Class “B” Preferred shares have a minimum investment amount of $250,000, and have the same rights and restrictions as the Class “A” Preferred shares but pay dividends quarterly and the final distribution is discounted by 30 basis points (0.30%) to cover the additional costs of administration and tying up capital.

The quarterly distribution for the Class B Preferred shares is scheduled as follows:

Distribution Dates Quarterly Distribution %
Aug-31 1.0%
Nov-30 1.0%
Feb-28 1.0%
May-31 Remainder*

*Annual dividend declared less quarterly distributions during the year, less 30 basis points. Dividends declared are at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Dividends may not be declared if it is determined by the directors to not be in the best interest of shareholders or if it would cause financial hardship for the Company. Distributions dates are approximate dates and may differ due to the processing time required. or delays with the banking or postal service that are beyond management’s control.

One of the benefits of investing in Terrapin is that the company qualifies as a Mortgage Investment Corp (MIC) as defined under the Income Tax Act. Thus, Terrapin is able to take advantage of the qualified investment rules of the Income Tax Act. Essentially the Act allows income from a MIC to "flow through" to an investor without any corporate income tax being deducted. If funds are held in an RRSP, income from the shares is not taxable in the hands of investors until the funds are withdrawn by the holder’s RRSP allowing tax free compounding of the investment.

The company is also able to accept direct investments from individuals, corporations, or family trusts that do not wish to utilize an RRSP or other registered accounts such as a RRIF or TFSA. The non-registered investments also benefit from the tax efficient structure in that income is distributed to investors without being reduced by corporate tax in Terrapin. Because the investment is tax efficient, investors grow their balance at a greater rate than with taxable investment entities.

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