Investing in Preferred shares of Terrapin

Investors have the choice of investing in preferred shares of Terrapin directly, either personally or through their corporations, or via their registered accounts such as RRSP, RRIF or TFSA accounts. The investor’s funds are placed in a diversified pool of mortgages receivable. This diversification allows Terrapin’s investors to reduce the risk of their investments compared to lending directly to any one borrower. Dividends are paid either annually within 90 days of the Company’s Feb 28 year end or quarterly at the investor’s option.

Share Class

Dividend Frequency

Minimum Investment

Class “A” Preferred Shares

Annually - May


Class “B” Preferred Shares

Quarterly - Feb, May, Aug, Nov


All of Terrapin’s investments in mortgages are secured by Canadian real estate and most include borrower’s personal or corporate guarantees. Investing in Terrapin allows investors to diversify from stocks, bonds, and other fixed income securities and invest into the real estate sector. Investors have the comfort of knowing that their investments are secured by real property and are professionally managed with a track record in excess of 30 years in the industry.

Mortgage Investment Fund – Details or Specifics