Terrapin provides quick loan approvals based on our extensive experience
in all types of real estate.

Terrapin advances mortgages from BC and Alberta to Ontario, in first and second mortgages secured by single or multi family residential, development projects, commercial real estate including office and industrial properties as well as raw land. For our borrowers we offer short-term construction financing and interim mortgage funding and a relatively quick approval process based on local management expertise. Loans are funded once we are satisfied that each lending opportunity meets our investors’ criteria.

We meet our borrowers’ needs though a thorough understanding of the commercial and residential real estate markets where we lend. As a result, we can provide quick conditional approvals to assist our borrowers in successfully financing their real estate ventures and earn their repeat business for future projects.

All new loans are initially reviewed by the mortgage brokers at TerraFund Financial Inc. If suitable, all new mortgage applications must then be approved by Terrapin’s Mortgage Approval Committee and go through vigorous diligence before funding that will typically include the use of third party appraisers, engineers, cost consultants, environmental consultants, and lawyers before being advanced.

Interested borrowers should contact Terrafund Financial Inc. directly at: www.terrafund.com