Terrapin has operated since 1978 as a Mortgage Investment Corp (MIC) and is managed and administered by a team of professional business people with a wealth of experience in multi-family and single family residential real estate development, commercial real estate development and investment management, along with mortgage financing, underwriting, and administration.

Each team member has significant experience in their field and has been carefully recruited for their ability to achieve our corporate goals based on their high level of integrity and experience. Any new team member must go through a careful screening process including background checks. Additionally they must maintain their memberships in good standing with their professional governing bodies including the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia (CPABC) and the Mortgage Brokers Association (MBABC) Alberta, and Ontario.

Corporately, Terrapin must comply with the Income Tax Act to maintain status as a Mortgage Investment Corporation, the BC Financial Services Authority (BCFSA) to comply with The Mortgage Brokers Act, and the BC Securities Commission to comply with the requirements for issuing investments. Terrapin’s financial statements are audited annually to ensure the accuracy of financial reporting.