Terrapin Mortgage Investment Corp. (TMIC) was established in 1978 and is a fully integrated real estate mortgage lender and investment company based in Vancouver, BC. TMIC’s principal business activity is mortgage lending in BC, Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario, primarily in first and second mortgages secured by residential and commercial real estate. Individual and corporate investor funds are pooled in a diversified mortgage portfolio to earn returns that are RRSP, RRIF and TFSA eligible.

For our borrowers we offer short-term construction financing and interim mortgage funding and a relatively quick approval process based on local management expertise. Each mortgage opportunity is carefully evaluated to ensure that adequate security is in place through thorough underwriting practises and due diligence. Once we are satisfied that each opportunity meets our investors’ criteria, loans are funded and the net income from the pool of mortgages becomes income for our investors.

For our investors we provide mortgage investment opportunities that form an important component of any well balanced investment portfolio that generates consistent returns on a long-term basis. 100% of Terrapin’s net income is flowed to investors annually by way of a dividend that is treated as interest income. Investors can then choose whether to receive their dividend by cheque or in additional shares of Terrapin to keep their investment returns compounding.